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When luxury stands for beauty inside and outside. Zazi makes beautiful slow fashion from vintage materials inspired by the colors of India.

The label focuses on sustainability and the economic and social independence of the Indian craftswomen.

Jeanne "Zizi" Margot de Kroon from the Netherlands was born with a passion for fashion: Her mother was a fashion journalist. Jeanne quickly learned that what we carry always has a hidden message and a story. When she went to Paris and worked there as a model, she dreamt of conveying this message in her pictures. But many of the companies she worked for had double standards: "On the one hand, they want to strengthen Western women. But on the other hand, this is happening under unthinkable conditions for the women on the other side of the planet who have not been so lucky. She turned her back on modeling, moved to Berlin and began to travel the world. 

Zazi Vintage the wearness Jeanne Margot de Kroon

Jeanne Margot de Kroon, the founder of Zazi

In Nepal, Pakistan, and India she gets to know the cheerful, colorful traditional clothes of these countries. But it was her encounter with the Indian lady Madhu Ji that inspired her to the idea of Zazi. Madhu is a self-made woman: she taught herself English to escape poverty and eventually even made it to university. She put all her knowledge into her own business, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). She bought sewing machines and started working on textiles with local women. Inspired by this motivation, Jeanne began to draw designs for her and left Rajasthan after a month with seven dresses. Zazi was born.

the wearness Zazi Vintage NGO in India

 Jeanne among the craftswomen of the NGO in Rajasthan, India.

The label is based in Berlin and still works with the women of the NGO. The designs of Jeanne de Kroon are lovingly crafted by hand. The colors, the patterns, the traditional embroidery - everything is inspired by the beauty of India. At the center of the collections are dresses with unique, colorful patterns and embroideries. Each piece is an investment piece of high value and looks almost like a piece of art.

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The campaign of the current collection shot in India.

Zazi Vintage is convinced of the Slow Fashion principle.

"We do not produce new materials. Our women make the clothes from ancient materials that already exist." They come from interesting places all over the world and all tell their own stories. Vogue called this in 2017 the most beautiful vintage idea of the year - and we can only agree.

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