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AGGI Hochtaillierte Hose in gelb mit ausgestelltem Bein, Damenhose, Business Hose, Nachhaltige Mode, Damenmode, Fair fashion, Fair trade clothing, Made in Europe, Eco-friendly, Handcrafted - Shop now - the wearness online-shop - Sustainable & Ethical luxury fashion

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ANTONIA ZANDER Seidenshorts, Hochtaillierte Shorts, Kurze Hose, Seidenhose, Damenhose, Sommerhose, Nachhaltige Damenmode, Luxusmode, Ethische Mode, Nachhaltiger Luxus, Ethical fashion and luxury, Fair trade, Fair fashion, Eco-fashion, Eco-friendly, Handmade, Handcrafted, Made in Europe, Organic materials - Shop now - SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL LUXURY FASHION - the wearness online-shop

Farbe-FRANCA Lounge-Pants (Alabaster Gleam) / 1 Size-FRANCA Lounge-Pants (Alabaster Gleam) / 1 Farbe-FRANCA Lounge-Pants (Alabaster Gleam) / 3 Size-FRANCA Lounge-Pants (Alabaster Gleam) / 3

ARMARGENTUM Lockere Hose mit weitem Bein, Baumwollhose, Jogginghose in Creme, Damenhosen, Pants, Trousers, Women, Sustainable Fashion, Nachhaltige Damenmode, Nachhaltigkeit, Fair trade, Made in Europe, Organic, Vegan, Handmade, Eco-friendly Fashion, Fair fashion - Shop now - the wearness online-shop - ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE LUXURY FASHION  Alt-Text bearbeiten
You will find fair designer denims, ethical luxury jeans and environmentally friendly trousers. We work with young designer labels that have recognised the pulse of the times and therefore act in the sense of sustainability. Our 10 Sustainability Icons help you to understand exactly which sustainability standards a product meets; Charitable, eco-friendly, fair trade, handcrafted, made in Europe, organic, recycled, vegan, female empowerment and zero waste.

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