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Julia Zirpel collected her first fashion moments early on. She grew up temporarily in India and Nepal and saw there as a child how precious clothing is for many people. "I remember the expressions of women who could finally get a sari that they had saved for so hard. A new garment gave them dignity - it meant something."

As a fashion editor and fashion director at various magazines such as Interview and Myself, she became increasingly aware that fashion is becoming a throwaway item: bought in between, hung carelessly in the closet and quickly dumped. A fact that the educated designer no longer wanted to accept. For Julia, however, this was no reason to turn her back on fashion. On the contrary, she decided to devote herself even more intensively to the subject. In 2017 she finally decided to offer fashion-conscious customers with environmental awareness a transparent shopping alternative and founded the wearness - an online marketplace for sustainable and fair high-quality fashion and beauty.

For Julia, fast fashion is also an aesthetic problem. Because with such cheap clothing, no one asks themselves anymore: What really suits me? "I think it would be great if people would explore fashion, what suits them, but also the origin of a garment and its actual price. In the end that feels much better than blind consumption."

Julia has found her own style, which she describes as elegant, feminine and individual. She loves high-quality materials, a cool pattern mix and timeless cuts. You can shop for her favourite looks on the wearness here.

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