Ethical Luxury. We handpick responsibly-made fashion and beauty from designer brands who are committed to sustainable production. For timeless good style and a clear conscience. In order to be able to better evaluate a product, we use icons. The more icons a brand meets, the more sustainable it is.


What's mine is yours! If a product with this icon lands in the shopping cart, part of the proceeds goes to charities, environmental organizations or NGO's.


Guaranteed environmentally friendly. "Eco-friendly" means the product is produced with the lowest possible use of chemicals, CO2-friendly and with a minimum of waste.


Made by happy people: Fair trade fashion guarantees fair wages, safe working conditions, and often social supporting programs. This helps to protect communities worldwide.


Everything, but not just any-thing: products with this icon were handmade, according to ancient techniques typical for this region. This is our way of preserving traditions.


Everything produced in EU member countries ensures that sustainability standards and local labour laws are respected. Transport routes are kept short, local craftsmen are supported.


Whatever is standard in for food can also apply to fashion: made from raw materials from organic farming. And of course: free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins.


Nice to see you again! Anyone who buys products with this icon get's recycled, reused or up-cycled materials. Waste of valuable raw materials? Excluded.


It's animal-friendly! Products with this seal do not involve animal testing. Animals are not part of the product, nor are they used or damaged in the manufacturing process.


The future is female! Female-Friendly fashion is produced by fair paid women. To protect them from impoverishment, invest-ments are made in their education and health.


It's possible: when producing "zero waste" items, little or no waste is actually left over or deadstock materials are used.

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