Antonia Zander

Antonia Zander designs wow pieces made of cashmere knitwear in Munich. Her choice of colours and sophistication immediately makes our fashion hearts beat faster. The highlight: The noble yarns are processed in Italy according to the rules of the highest art, individual pieces are knitted by hand in Poland. Substantial (and fair) fabric from which bright fashion dreams are made of...

eco-friendly fair handcrafted made in Europe organic


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Extremely fine, cuddly and luxurious: Cashmere was once reserved for kings. For Antonia Zander it is the fabric from which the almost 40-year old success story of the label is woven. At the beginning of the 1980s, Elke Zander founded a small, fine company in Chiemgau, Bavaria, with hand-knitted individual parts and named it after her daughter Antonia. Growing up with yarn and buttons Antonia knew from an early age on, that fashion would be her vocation. Graduated from high school and with an apprenticeship as a tailor, she then studied fashion design in Berlin. The city, which was in a state of upheaval after the fall of communism, provided the young designer with plenty of inspiration for her first collection. 

The Focus: Highest quality and unusual knitwear

After years of training and travel, Antonia Zander finally decided to take over the family business and quickly catapulted it into the exclusive Cashmere brand. The logo? Of course the Cashmere goat, which is at home on the high plateaus of Mongolia and supplies the warming wool for the noble, five times certified (!) yarn. Rounded off by ready-to-wear collections - it now stands for a revival of the tailoring trade. The focus is on the highest quality and unusual knitwear. For example with XL hoods, bows, trumpet sleeves or enchanting patterns. A cosmopolitan, playful yet ultrasmart hippie-ethnic style. Zero oldfashioned, zero fast-fast.  

   Antonia Zander Portrait

Antonia Zander, creative mind of the cashmere brand

From the very beginning, it was fundamental for Antonia Zander to have her yarns and textiles produced by Italian family manufacturers.  Further processing also takes place in Europe - fairly and socially: "I have been working with many knitters for years". Individual pieces are knitted by hand in Poland. By women, some even older, who do not receive a pension or who are unemployed. They all get work contracts.

The style of Antonia Zander stands for the highest level of tailoring and the genuine appreciation of resources and creative work.


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