Fine Deodorant

Because there was no such thing, Berlin-based Judith Springer Fine invented a deodorant that looks good, works well and does not contain harmful active ingredients.

The cream-deodorant is free of aluminium salts and other "nasties".

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Whoever can smell the pizzeria around the corner at the age of two has a sensitive nose. Judith Springer has been fascinated by the power of fragrances since her childhood and has a strong affinity for everything that smells good. "I like to spend money on expensive cosmetics. It feels better, looks better and smells better." But not everything that has made it into the bath of the art curator and Iyengar Yoga teacher over the years has also lived up to her ethical standards.

Fine Cosmetics Gründerin Judith
Judith Springer, the founder of Fine

Beautifully packaged and sustainably produced

While the beauty industry launched "green" creams, shampoos and make-up products, they forgot one essential thing: the deodorant. Judith Springer couldn't find one that was beautifully packaged and sustainably produced - and in 2016, she just came up with one herself! Fine, the Italian the word for end (the long search for a well-designed, organic deodorant) and the English word for beautiful.  

Fine Deodorant & Seren
The neu serens by Fine Cosmetics.

Today, she produces 100% vegan cream deodorants that have the scents of vetiver, geranium, cedar or bergamot. They are all free of aluminium salts, genetically modified substances, gluten, nanoparticles, parabens and other chemical additives and have of course not been tested on animals. Each Fine Deo comes with a recyclable bag of organic cotton and a wooden scoop made in a therapeutic workshop. Judith Springer believes it is important to use local resources - that's why Fine is "Made in Berlin" from beginning to end. And of course, proudly.