It's easy to explain what we are in one sentence. But we need more than one sentence to explain the why.
the wearness is an online marketplace for ethically produced fashion, beauty and sustainable luxury.
The fashion industry has changed rapidly in recent years. Collections change more often than ever before and global textile consumption has doubled since 2000. More and more garments that move from the stores into our wardrobe and from the wardrobe into the container have set off a tremendous process of alienation: fashion no longer means anything to us. It's become a disposable product.
What does that mean? Mountains of discarded clothing produced far away as cheaply as possible. How a garment is made, who worked on it and under what conditions - this is hardly traceable. One thing is certain: the apparel industry ranks second in the environmental polluter ranking, just behind the oil industry.
Sustainable luxury can be a way out, but it still has to fight against a misguided image: fair clothing and high fashion, that seems to be impossible.
We at the wearness want to change the perception of ethical luxury. We want to offer fashion-conscious customers a positive shopping alternative - attractive and easy, but with a clear conscience.
Every product that you can buy online on the wearness is personally selected by us. We only work with manufacturers and designers who run their business with respect for people and the planet and who meet our three most important criteria: good, timeless design, impeccable quality and sustainable production methods.
Everything you can shop on the wearness has a story. And each of these stories fills the wardrobe with pride.

It is not always easy to see whether and why a product deserves the label of sustainability. That's why we use these 10 sustainability icons to identify labels and looks. Only if a brand or designer meets at least one of our criteria we offer their collections on the wearness.

The more icons a label meets, the more sustainable it is.

Icon charitable Icon eco friendly Icon Fair Trade Icon Handmade Icon made in Europe 

Icon organic Icon recycling Icon vegan Icon female empowerment Icon zero waste



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