The German label VOR is constantly working on the perfect sneaker. There is a lot to consider: A timeless design, local production - and of course sustainability.

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The sneaker hype has reached incredible dimensions in the last few years. Real lovers even camp in front of shoe shops when a new model comes out. The friends Andreas Klingseisen and Jörg Rohwer-Kahlmann were fans of sports shoes long before this trend began and dreamed of creating their own sneaker while they were still at school. "It became more realistic after my product design studies when I started designing shoes for Puma. During that time and afterwards as a freelance footwear designer, I gathered a lot of know-how," explains Jörg. In 2010 the friends were ready to create something on their own and started developing their first designs for VOR. 

VOR.SHOES Gründer Portrait
Founders of Vor.Shoes: Jörg Rohwer-Kahlmann and Andreas Klingseisen 

For the two perfectionists, there is a lot to consider: "Our claim has always been to offer more than "just" a beautiful exterior". In addition to proportions, lines, materials and colours, they meticulously pay attention to the quality of the leather, the soles and even the laces. It can sometimes take weeks or months until they are satisfied with the result. "For us, perfectionism is a positive thing," they explain, "that means leaving no stone unturned and not being satisfied with a solution until our own requirements for quality and aesthetics have been completely met, even if they are very high in our case."

Minimalism Made In Germany

If you put so much love into the development of your products, you want to know exactly how they are produced. The founding duo has found the perfect location in their home country Germany. Here both the working conditions and the quality of the workmanship match very well. That is why 98% of the materials come from Germany, too. The other 2% come from neighbouring European countries. 


The Making-of Vor.Shoes vs. the final product

Contrary to most brands that currently develop sneakers, VOR focuses on being timeless instead of hype. "Pure" and "simple" probably describe their styles best. That means: Clean lines instead of fancy silhouettes, pure design instead of eye-catching logos. Color is only used rarely in the label's collections. Instead, there are shoes in every imaginable shade of white, from pure white to vintage white and fog white. We are sure that we finally have found the perfect sneakers!