Schneid Atelier und Möbel

    "Schneid haben” is the German translation for "To have "guts" and to dare something new - and it is probably the best way to describe the philosophy of the Lübeck design studio.

    After all, this is what Julia and Niklas Jessen did six years ago, with the founding of their studio SCHNEID lighting & furniture. Since then the product designer and the trained carpenter and architect have been creating lamps, furniture, and accessories that inspire with their mix of striking forms, soft colors and natural materials and at the same time appear both timeless and modern.

    Julia und Niklas Jessen, Gründen von SCHNEID Atelier

    Julia and Niklas Jessen, the two founders of SCHNEID.

    Since both grew up in the region of Lübeck, the designers deliberately decided to relocate their own manufactory to a more "rural area" after working in Berlin and Paris. The young couple's workshop, office, photo studio, warehouse, and showroom are now located on two floors in a renovated Lübeck shipyard building from 1873. "Here we can work in a relaxed atmosphere, close to the Baltic Sea and in nature. We need this peace and tranquility to be creative," says Julia Jessen. And to implement what is important to them: promoting the conscious experience and perception of design and craftsmanship with a love of detail, working with local partners, the responsible use of natural resources and all of this with a team of people who carry out their work with passion.

    "For us, designing means taking responsibility," explains Niklas Jessen.

    And that starts with the way of thinking and ends not least with the implementation. The careful selection of the suitable raw material is one of the essential tasks in the design process. The use of ecological and durable materials plays a just as important role here as the use of innovative materials (e.g. wood-based plastics) and the development of natural alternatives for industrial manufacturing processes (e.g. creating new markets for old craft techniques). "For this forward-looking commitment, SCHNEID is even supported by the EU and the European Regional Development Fund. 

    Lampen von Schneid. Lokales Design und Manufaktur. Lampe von Schneid Lampe aus Holz von Schneid

    Variations of SCHNEID Lamps

    For the design duo, the work with wood from sustainable forestry, the production of ceramics by hand or the processing of high-quality and fairly produced wool are a given. Nature and genuineness are also the focus of attention in the visual appearance of their designs: for example, the PIRUM wooden luminaires, resembling an apple in shape, and the ZAPPY luminaires, handcrafted in the Lübeck workshop, and inspired by the pine cones of French forests or the ceramic lamp KASKAD, with its round shape reminding us of the flowing water of a waterfall. Also the latest product from SCHNEID plays with the fascination of water: the beautifully woven wool blanket TIDE, changing color between light and dark nuances, and thus alluding to the water movements of the oceans by the tidal forces.

    "Many people long for nature because, just like Julia and I, they associate it with deceleration," says Niklas Jessen. "With our designs we create a haven of peace in the hectic everyday life."


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