When choosing accommodation, more and more people are paying attention to what sustainable criteria the houses, in which they spend their holidays, fulfill. More and more care is being taken to ensure environmental sustainability and social commitment, and above all to ensure that hotels use nature's resources with the greatest possible care. We present eight exceptional hotels built from recycled or natural materials - from Egypt to Valais. This week’s favorite:


    A magical place: The unique eco-lodge, which looks like a small village, is located in the middle of nowhere - in an oasis of the Egyptian Siwa desert, on a salt lake. There is no electricity; sunrise and sunset determine the daily routine. The 30 houses are built in traditional clay construction; the walls are partly made of salt rocks, keeping the houses cool in summer. After all, there is no air conditioning. In the evening hundreds of torches and oil lamps light up the entire property - from the way to the bar and restaurant to the rooms. The pool is built of natural stones, the benches are made of palm branches, even the holders in the candle-lit bathrooms are made of this quite resistant material. Further highlights in Adrère Amellal: a bath in the salt lake or a jeep tour into the impressive desert. Owner Mounir Neamatalla has created something really extraordinary with this hotel - Prince Charles and his Camilla have also been guests. (Room from approx. 350 Euro, www.adrereamellal.net)

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