Kleidung bei Recycling

    Tim Mitchell, clothing recycling, 2005 © Tim Mitchell and Lucy Norris

    A shirt that is cheaper than a cappuccino. A dress for the price of a cheese sandwich... Cheap fashion has strongly influenced the fashion consumption of our time.

    But under what conditions are these pieces produced? By whom? And how bad are the environmental impacts? The special exhibition "Fast Fashion. The dark side of fashion", conceived by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, has already been touring around the world. Now it can be seen in the Museum of European Cultures in Berlin. It takes a critical look behind the scenes of mass production and shows its dramatic consequences.

    For example: Up to three million people die every year from the pesticides sprayed onto cotton fields all over the world.

    The working conditions of the seamstresses in Bangladesh are devastating, and in India many people have to work with life-threatening chemicals that have been banned here for a long time.

    Ein Textil-Fabrik

    Jeans workshop in Semarang, Indonesia, 2018 © M. Fuchs

    In the " Slow Fashion " section of the exhibition, the show also provides an exciting insight into the Berlin fashion scene and presents fair labels and sustainability pioneers, alternative materials and numerous innovative ideas on all aspects of textile production (until 2 August 2020 in the Museum Europäische Kulturen, ww.smb.museum).

    Manu Washaus, SWEATER, study of the possible II, 2013 © anna.k.o.
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