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    She is a highly respected chef - and one of the most environmentally friendly in the British capital. With a lot of energy, the popular Australian Skye Gyngell is fighting against the waste of food.

    Her mission is to avoid waste as best as possible. In her London restaurant Spring at the Somerset House, she serves a daily 3-course "scratch menu", where she creates delicious dishes from leftovers and ingredients that would otherwise end up in the garbage. For this reason, the menu changes daily. 

    Good to know: Gyngell obtains her products exclusively from British producers and farmers, including Bio-Farm Fern Verrow. Skye Gyngell's latest project is to eliminate plastic at Spring. After listening to a talk by Sian Sutherland, founder of "A Plastic Planet", and seeing the Netflix documentary "Plastic Ocean", Skye decided to start eliminating plastic in gastronomy immediately. All of this in close cooperation with Sian Sutherland. First plastic straws were sorted out in her restaurant, then plastic film and plastic containers.

    "When I spoke to Sian, I gained such a deep insight into the impact of plastic on our planet that I thought about how we could try to do something as a restaurant to reduce this footprint for future generations," the cook says, "I took a close look at Spring and was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic we were using. Skyes goal: to be one of the first plastic-free restaurants in London as soon as possible (springrestaurant.co.uk).


    Spring Restaurant in London

    Spring Restaurant in London

    Photocredit: Amber Rowlands
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