Dings Dumps

    Seasonal and regional ingredients, waste avoidance, recycling, appreciation of food and social commitment: more and more restaurants are doing their best to work sustainably in all areas and to burden the environment as little as possible. This week’s favorite:


    Sensational! In Berlin-Kreuzberg, tasty dumplings from rescued food are now being served or put in small bowls. Out of frustration at food waste Mauritz Schröder, Ann-Kathrin Wohlrab, and Jilliane Schröder founded their small, trendy shop in which surplus or non-standard food is saved from the garbage and transformed into delicious dumplings in the style of Chinese Dim Sum. The food saver supermarket SirPlus, among others, supplies them. The fillings, shapes, and colors of the snacks vary naturally and are sometimes quite unusual: green asparagus, guinea fowl, curry lentils or Nuremberg sausage with sauerkraut and wasabi cream (1.50 to 2.50 euros each, Th - Sat., Wiener Strasse 34, Berlin-Kreuzberg).

    Dings Dums 2 Dings Dums 3

    Mauritz Schröder, Ann-Kathrin Wohlrab, and Jilliane Schröder, the founders of DingsDums. Some of the delicious dumplings.

    Photos: PR

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