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    Seasonal and regional ingredients, waste avoidance, recycling, appreciation of food, and social commitment: more and more restaurants are doing their best to work sustainably in all areas and to burden the environment as little as possible. This week’s favorite:


    In Brighton, a seaside resort in southern England, star chef Douglas McMaster runs the first waste-free restaurant on the island with great success. In the Zero-Waste-Restaurant "Silo" only seasonal organic products are served, without waste being produced. Food leftovers are put into the composter - the most important machine of the house, which bears the name "Bertha". McMaster cooks according to the "head to tail" principle - as much as possible of the animal is processed or cooked. The "Silo" also has its own brewery, the "Old Tree," where fermented beverages are produced from plants, vegetables, fruit, and herbs. There is a flour mill for homemade sourdough bread. Curd cheese and cream cheese are made from left-over the milk of the day, for example during the preparation of various cappuccini. The furnishings also consist exclusively of upcycled or recycled furniture, plates are made from recycled plastic bags, drinks are served in recycled jam jars. McMaster has previously worked in two legendary restaurants: in Heston Blumenthal's "Fat Duck" and René Redzepi's "Noma" in Copenhagen, and also ran the "Silo by Joost" restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, together with eco-activist and designer Joost Bakker (www.silobrighton.com).

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    The star chef Douglas McMaster and one of his creations

    Credit: Xavier D. Buendia

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