Ruby Lotti Hotel in Hamburg

    The innovative hotel group Ruby stands for Lean Luxury: reduction to the essentials, everything superfluous is abandoned, the really important things are made to perfection.

    Great: Each of the seven houses has its very own character - but what characterizes them all: the ideal location in the heart of the city, cool design, casual atmosphere, a bar that is open 24 hours a day, affordable prices - and the focus on sustainability.

    The Ruby Marie building in Vienna, for example, has been awarded the highest international LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

    The Ruby Marie, Ruby Lissi and soon Ruby Sofie hotels are operated with green electricity. In the modern rooms with oversized beds and luxurious spring mattresses, security mechanisms ensure that energy is not consumed in an uncontrolled manner. Praiseworthy: Hotel guests are encouraged by drink vouchers not to have their towels washed every day. The Ruby hotels also rely on a sustainable food concept: fruit and vegetables come from organic farms in Germany and Austria, dairy products from organic producers in the region. Even in our favourite hotel, the Ruby Lotti in Hamburg, which opened last year, the breakfast buffet consists of products of the best organic quality - from superfood muesli to sausage. It is the largest house of the group to date with 290 rooms and vintage flair in the 60s style. Ideal for excursions on foot and by bicycle: the house is located at the Stadthausbrücke, directly on the Fleet. Tip: book one of the "Wow" rooms (www.ruby-hotels.com).

    Ruby Lotty Hotel Ruby Lotty Hotel

    Ruby Lotty Hotel Ruby Lotty Hotel

    Photo Credits: Ruby Hotels

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