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    Sustainable cooking - how does that work? For example by using organic meat and fish. As well as seasonal fruits and vegetables from the region instead of pears from New Zealand or grapes from South Africa. An sauces and spices, preferably without artificial additives - industrial sugar is forbidden. Looking for suitable cookbooks? This weeks favorite: 

    LEON – HUNDERT SALATE by Jane Baxter and John Vincent.

    The two authors who run the Leon Restaurant chain in the UK, which is also a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, made it their main concern to prepare excellent vegetables. And they really have succeeded in doing so. In their new book they have collected salad recipes that taste anything but boring. And: Each one is easy to prepare in a short time. Our Highlights: Marcella's rice salad with sweet pomegranate seeds and the spicy superfood salad. Particularly convenient: each recipe is marked whether it is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-, wheat- or milk-free.


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    1.) Above: Marcella's rice salad  2.) Superfood salad. 3.) Greek salad fried feta. 4.) Leon – Hundert Salate by Jane Baxter and John Vincent, Dumont, 20 Euro.

    Credit © Tamin Jones



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