Stefanie Luxat
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    This time, Stefanie Luxat - role model, like-minded and fellow fighter...

    Can you please introduce yourself?

    Sure, I'd love to. I am Stefanie Luxat, 39, editor-in-chief of the blog magazine OhhhhMhhh.de and recently also podcaster. My podcast is called "Endlich Om - The podcast for late bloomers in terms of healthy nutrition, self-love, and sustainability". I have written four books (including "Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird"), and I have two small children and a husband. Haha, that sounds like taking inventory.

    Why do you do what you do?

    Because I'm for more good mood. I know that life can sometimes be an a***, we all need places where we can sometimes flee and recharge ourselves with good stories and good humor. That's the kind of place my blog magazine should be. It should leave you with good feelings.

    Since when do you deal with the topic of sustainability?

    Unfortunately I'm quite a late bloomer, therefore I got the idea for my podcast Endlich Om. The surprising thing is: I don't seem to be the only one, more than 40.000 people listen to my podcast per episode. The nice thing is that, together with my audience I now catch up on the topic with great speed. We've already taken big steps at home: Every Saturday we buy our vegetables, fruit, but also nuts, noodles, sweets etc. loose in the "unpacked shop", we bring glasses and jars there, so we don't create any garbage. I have been using a menstrual cup, ear sticks made of organic cotton, washing my hair with hair soap, and panty liners without plastic for half a year now. Before we buy the children anything new, we first check if we can find it used on Ebay. In the kitchen we use beeswax covers instead of cling film, stainless steel bottles instead of plastic bottles. I have a tea-to-go cup. These are just a few ideas, how far we have already changed our thinking. My fashion consumption has always been very selected and very reduced anyway, but even here I look more and more at the production conditions and contents.

    Was there a personal key moment for that?

    In December 2017, I decided to withdraw sugar because I was heavily dependent. Our son slept incredibly bad and I tried to push myself through the day with sugar. When I stopped adding industrial sugar, I felt so much better and I realized what it was hiding in everything. From eating healthy, I automatically moved on to sustainability, a topic in which I am becoming more and more ambitious.

    What has changed in your lifestyle since then?

    I can see a lot more because I know more about the subject. I see garbage lying around all over Hamburg, which makes me really mad. I would love to have an idea on how to get people not to let that happen and clean up or even better, not to throw garbage everywhere at all.

    Do you think you can convince other people to buy and live more sustainably?

    Oh yes! I see that in daily life. When my mum-friend suddenly also has a stainless steel box for her daughter, because she read/heard about it in my blog or podcast. Many podcast listeners and blog readers thank me for the many small sustainability ideas. And that I don't raise my finger much. There are many who demand the absolute change from 0 to 100 from others. That is completely unrealistic for many people. Both financially and organically. I am in favor of exemplifying it, explaining it, and showing simple tricks. If they like it like me, they will be ambitious in this area anyway.

    What would you hope for in the future from the fashion industry and consumers?

    A better conscience. Even more reflection and thinking about what we are doing to our children and to their future if we do nothing for our environment.

    Can you name three sustainable hotspots in Hamburg?

    For breakfast & lunch: Moki's Goodies in the Eppendorfer Weg. They have the best homemade Granola & Superfoodbread of the city, you can also buy take-away there.

    For ginger shots: Paledo in Winterhude. They make your face go crazy, but you feel healthier right away.

    Best yoga teacher in town because she doesn't give a damn about looks or anything else plus she gives great introductory courses in meditation: Gabriele Besser.

    What is your favorite item from www.thewearness.com?

    Stefanie Luxat im Morgenmantel von an an londree

    This spa coat from AN AN LONDREE!

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