Get out of the hectic pace of everyday life and finally take a breath. Wellness for body, mind, and soul instead of 24-hour smartphone flickering. We recommend seven holiday destinations in Germany.

    From a scenic estate in Lower Bavaria to a designer eco-lodge on the Baltic Sea: very special places where nature and sustainability play the greatest role. This weeks favorite:


    You'll get there quickly - and will never want to leave again. There is no other place where you can forget your stress as quickly as at Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Lower Bavaria. Living in small, luxuriously furnished houses, like a boat, garden or tree house, between forests, meadows, and watercourses, even by your own pond. Each cottage has its own charm. In the evenings, the host, who once opened the first cooking school in Bavaria's Hofgut Hafnerleiten, cooks the meals himself, together with the other guests at the family table in the main house. Internet, mobile phone reception or television? No way! There are five wellness cubes in which you can be massaged or have a sauna. The sustainability pioneers Anja Horn-Rückerl and Erwin Rückerl are constantly treading new and innovative paths with their farm estate in Lower Bavaria.

    The architecture of their houses has won many awards, and the couple relies on environmentally friendly construction methods and local materials.

    An example: the company even has its own wastewater treatment plant, a 90-meter-deep drinking water well and a small photovoltaic system. Rooms from approx. 140 Euro incl. half board, www.hofgut.info.

    Hofgut Hafnerleiten

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