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    Get out of the hectic pace of everyday life and finally take a breath. Wellness for body, mind, and soul instead of 24-hour smartphone flickering. We recommend holiday destinations in Germany. 

    From a scenic estate in Lower Bavaria to a designer eco-lodge on the Baltic Sea: very special places where nature and sustainability play the greatest role. This weeks favorite:


    Already upon arrival, you will be grounded completely. The Tannerhof near Bayrischzell is a very special house. Located at the foot of the mighty Wendelstein, it looks like a small, idyllic village between meadows, mountains and forests. A small stream splashes through the grounds, sheep and cows graze all around. A fairytale retreat. In the lovely rooms, some of which are furnished with unique antique furniture, there is no TV or WIFI. One of the highlights: Massages in the bath house. Also the food is really delicious here. However, it's always whatever comes on the table.

    Chef Nico Sartor cooks a menu for the guests every day - all organic, of course! If you want to, you can get some medical advice from the host couple Burgi von Mengershausen and Roger Brandes, since the "Tannerhof" is also a health resort. It offers medically accompanied fasting and various other holistic therapies. Hint: Book rooms in one of the wooden towers! Double room from approx. 115 Euro per person incl. Three-Quarter board,

    Tannenhof Slow Hotels Tannenhof Slow Hotels

    Tannenhof Slow Hotels Tannenhof Slow Hotels

    Photo-Credits: Tannerhof
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