Two sisters and the project close to their hearts: Lisa Grindmayer and Steffi Haßelbeck grow regional and seasonal products on their idyllic farm near Munich and process them into high-quality food. This is Farmmade!

    Everything here revolves around sustainability and proximity to nature. In the next step, they want to prepare delicious dishes for their guests at "Farm-to-Table" events, of course, using only ingredients from the farm. Domestic cuisine, but interpreted differently.

    Here, in the Finsinger Au, 20 kilometers northeast of Munich, in the middle of blooming meadows and forests, the two sisters grew up. And to here they have returned after several years in the big city. Together with their two brothers, Steffi and Lisa took over the farm, which has been in the family for several generations.

    the wearness Lisa Grindmayer und Steffi Haßelbeck Regional & Saisonal

    From the garden to the table. The two sisters Lisa Grindmayer and Steffi Haßelbeck 

    The love for gardening comes from their grandfather, cooking and baking they learned already as children from their mother.

    Step by step they want to realize their new visions on the farm. As they are very fond of biodiversity, they mainly cultivate old vegetable and fruit varieties. Just one example is the most diverse old tomato varieties in all possible colors and shapes. They transform these into high-quality, natural products: delicious craft cider is made from the untreated apples of an old breed planted by the grandfather. Other fruit is boiled into syrup, chutneys, or jams. The lemon-melissa and apple-mint syrup are particularly delicious with cocktails.

    Further projects of Lisa and Steffi:

    : their own online shop, which will launch soon, a large herb garden, and a meadow orchard as a teaching garden and oasis for bees and other beneficial animals. Chemical and artificial fertilizers and weed killers are of course a taboo on the farm! On www.farmmade.de the sisters write a blog with recipes and garden tips. And on Instagram (@farmmade_muenchen) you can be inspired daily by the two and their life on the farm.

    the wearness Regional und Saisonal Lisa Grindmayer und Steffi Haßelbeck the wearness regional & saisonal Pferde  the wearness regional & saisonal eingelegtes Obst

    1. The two sisters Steffi and Lisa  2. Summer paddock with horses. 3. Pickled cucumbers and radishes from the garden.
    Photo credits: Wie Ling Khor (sisters) & Lisa Grindmayer (stills)
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