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the wearness 1979 Swimwear timeless swimsuits for a sustainable lifestyle

If you are looking for sustainable labels, you will love the timeless swimwear label 1 9 7 9.

The high quality, certified fabrics, and the small editions make these swimsuits with vintage flair unique favorites. And they will be for many years.

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Suzanna Kuhlemann founded her own swimwear label 2010 in Honolulu. The former store manager from Berlin always had a special relationship with Hawaii. "My first collection was made of vintage Hawaiian shirts. The tradition of printed fabrics has existed there since the 1950s and they convey the Hawaiian way of life".

the wearness 1979 Swimwear Timeless swimsuits for a sustainable lifestyle Suzanna Kuhlemann
Suzanna Kuhlemann, the founder of 1 9 7 9 Swimwear.

When she returned to Berlin in 2012, Suzanna quickly realized that she wanted to continue. In Germany, she started working with functional swimwear fabrics. The motto of the look remained:

Showing less is often more. That's why I prefer to describe my line with 'elegant understatement'.

High waist bikinis and low-cut legs are some of the core elements of the "collection". Many details are reminiscent of the 1940s to 1960s. However, the implementation is so modern and high quality that the classic swimsuits can be worn for decades.

1979 Swimwear works independently of the rhythm of the fashion industry and does not follow trends. The Basic Collection consists of continuous classic models, which are updated every season. Once a year they are completed by a few new styles and colors. "I choose these colors by feel and use only the best qualities and Ökotex-certified fabrics."

Less is often more - except when it comes to quality and sustainability

These, as well as the haberdasheries, come from France. For the production Suzanna Kuhlemann found a manufactory in Poland with which she is happy. Sometimes she also works with seamstresses from Berlin, together they sew buttons manually to the bathing suits.

Transparency, sustainability, and responsibility are extremely important to me when it comes to materials and production. Small runs are sometimes only 12 or 24 pieces for special colors. So each piece is really something special and very exclusive.

the wearness 1979 Swimwear Timeless swimsuits for a sustainable lifestyle  the wearness 1979 Swimwear Timeless swimsuits for a sustainable lifestyle
During the design process in the atelier of 1 9 7 9 Swimwear in Berlin.

The designer sees many possibilities for the future. A new project with fabrics made from 100% recycled PET bottles and with an even more innovative and environmentally friendly production method is about to enter the market. Against the pollution of the seas and for a clear conscience. "I'm really looking forward to this!"