The French unisex premium perfume AEMIUM is sustainably produced and 100% natural. And it proves that it is possible to design and manufacture luxurious products in a simple and natural way.  

 Made in Europe Zero Waste Vegan Eco-Friendly Fair  Recycled Organic 


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The founder of AEMIUM is Emmanuel Roche. As a plant director and European supply chain manager for a large cosmetics company, he worked for more than fifteen years for renowned beauty labels such as Shiseido, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, Nars, Serge Lutens and Byredo.


Emmanuel Roche, the founder of AEMIUM

But, halfway through his career, he suddenly wanted less. Less synthetic fragrance, less packaging and less waste, less marketing and definitely less damage to the environment caused by the industry.

"My conviction is that life is in danger and that change is urgently needed. Because companies that produce consumer goods are at the heart of the problem, they must also bear a big part in the solution."

In 2018, he decided to quit his job, and instead started working as a consultant for small beauty brands. His mission: to help develop environmentally friendly products and build a sustainable supply chain.
This is where the idea for AEMIUM came from. More natural ingredients, more recyclable, reusable packaging and eco-materials, more real luxury: clean, unique, high quality and natural.
Together with a team of experts, he founded AEMIUM in 2020. He was supported by Robertet, one of France's oldest perfume houses in Grasse. Together they created the poetic fragrances for AEMIUM. 
Emmanuel Roche's dream: to shake up the muffled world of classic perfumery a little with ÆMIUM!


Packing the perfumes in the fragrance manufactory

The products are developed ecologically without compromise: No plastic, no cellophane, no plasticised labels or boxes, premium closure without plastic insert, lightweight & refillable glass bottles, wooden boxes instead of bleach cardboard (which need chemical treatment).
All products are vegan and certified by Ecocert (Cosmos Organic or Cosmos Natural).
AEMIUM perfumes do not contain synthetic ingredients from the petroleum industry, dyes, anti-UV or antioxidants from controversial syntheses, such as BHT.
The supply chain has been designed to minimise the carbon footprint. From the sourcing of raw materials and components to the location of the production workshop - everything comes from France and is manufactured there.
Transparency is just as important: ingredients, formulas, deliveries, suppliers and service providers are openly communicated.


AEMIUM is the only perfume brand that is both a luxury niche product and certified natural and organic.