AGGI nachhaltige Mode

AGGI is for women who appreciate craftsmanship in fashion. From the beginning to the end, everything is made by AGGI itself, in its own sewing studio in Cracow. The Polish brand exclusively uses materials from Europe and vegan alternatives to leather and fur.

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In Poland, AGGI has become an integral part of the TV and press landscape. Actresses and celebrities love the brand, which was founded in 2014 by Agata Halewska, and they enjoy wearing it at important events. Now the label is taking off internationally.

Designerin von AGGI

Agata Halewska the founder and Designer of AGGI

But where does the success come from? AGGI lays great emphasis on the quality of cut and precise workmanship. The production is not outsourced at any production stage. It is important to the founder that from start to end, every part is produced directly in the company, or more precisely in the company's own sewing shop. This is the only way to have complete control over every step. The brand describes itself as a family business and the team as a group of people who have been working together for years in a friendly atmosphere in the founding city of Cracow. By concentrating the complete production process in a single location, AGGI contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption that pollutes our environment.

Produktion AGGI
The workshop located in Cracow

Instead of producing the complete collection once a season, as is common for most labels, small quantities are produced here every week. This allows supply to be optimally matched to demand. Overproduction has no chance.

The choice of materials is just as important to AGGI as the excellent working conditions. Only fabrics from European countries are used here, including Poland, Italy, Spain and Belgium. The label avoids fur and leather, instead vegan alternatives are used. Conscious customers appreciate AGGI because the brand not only stands for luxurious production, but also for trust. However, they are convinced by the unique designs. They are inspired by the eclectic style of the 70's and 80's (which are trendy right now anyway) in combination with contemporary elements. The look doesn't only fit the red carpet: besides elegant cocktail dresses, there are also flowing dresses that make you dream of the beach or colorful power suits for the office. Sustainability for every occasion - you simply have to love this concept!