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Purism at it's best: The German label casa nata makes must haves that convince with feminine cuts, refined details, and outstanding workmanship.

Minimalist style with a consistent, straightforward, and timelessly modern interpretation.

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Carolin Sangha has her background in fashion: as an editor, creative director, and stylist she worked for fashion magazines, advertising agencies, and other companies in the industry. When her husband Michael Reß bought the furnishing company Schönbuch, she started as creative director and brought a fresh breeze into the almost 60-year-old company.

the wearness casa nata Carolin Sangha

Carolin Sangha, the founder of casa nata

Over time, she felt the need to return to the fashion sector in addition to working for Schönbuch and to create clean, purist designs whose quality and production are of high quality and sustainable. Together with Nadia Tatomir, a colleague with whom she has already implemented various projects for fashion companies as well as for Schönbuch, she launched her own collection under the name casa nata in 2016, consisting of personal favorites.

Minimalism meets sustainability

"People always want a lot of bling bling, but then they also wonder about the short-lived nature of many products. That is why the label puts their trust in clean purism. At first glance, the label's monochrome creations seem almost simple. The color palette is small, but meaningful: black and white next to isolated bright colors. "I probably inherited my passion for clean lines from my German mother. The preference for loud highlights is certainly anchored in my Indian roots," Carolin explains the color selection.

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Mood and Campaign-Images of the current collection from casa nata

At a second glance, sophisticated design details are revealed that turn the minimalist garments into strong highlight pieces. The straightforward looks give the wearer's personality a lot of room. Feminine pieces for adult women that can be combined with each other over and over again. Ensuring high quality begins with the selection of materials: "We work exclusively with suppliers who ensure that the product is sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is why only natural fibers are used. As little chemistry as possible is also needed for dyeing. When leather is used, it is naturally tanned.

The label's production facilities are located in Germany and Spain. The fabrics come from Portugal. Only the silver elements come from Mexico. Casa nata - based in Munich, made in Europe, loved everywhere.