Natural cosmetics just as you want it: the beauty label Dr Jackson's combines scientific research with the best ingredients nature has to offer - effective and pure!

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Dr. Simon Jackson was already fascinated by the power of nature at a young age. This led him to a successful career as a scientist, and he spent more than two decades studying native plants and their effects in traditional medicine. During his studies, Dr. Jackson developed a particular passion for Kigelia, the so called "sausage tree" in the tropical regions of Africa, whose fruits have long been revered by local tribes for their incredible medicinal properties. This led to the idea of establishing a pioneering skin care brand based on natural remedies. In 2008, the scientist founded his label, named after him.

Dr Lori Bystrom, PhD: the brains behind Dr Jackson's.

Today, Dr. Lori Bystrom runs the company located in Bristol, United Kingdom. She brings along more than a decade of scientific research in the field of botany. Under her leadership, the brand remains true to its ethos of developing an innovative, ethical and sustainable company that has a positive impact on our planet and inspires future generations. The use of purely natural ingredients, the avoidance of waste and the minimization of the CO2 footprint play important roles in the company.-.

Based on research by Dr. Jackson and Dr. Bystrom, the label uses techniques that mimic the way natural ingredients are extracted at source. The products are designed to care for all skin types in the most natural and effective way. They even offer additional benefits for problematic or sensitive skin. All ingredients are organic. They get tested in the laboratory to ensure the highest purity. Everything is free of parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients that are not skin-friendly. Apart from that, the company states: "We often use recycled materials through our daily operations, recycle our own materials as well as attempting to source the most emvironmentaly friendy components through the supply chain." 

  Dr. Jackson's über the wearness

The ingredients and the packaging of Dr. Jackson's are as natural, pure and minimalistic as possible – like Baobab and Marula

Love for nature and all creatures

With so much love for humans and nature, it is only logical that Dr Jackson's is also completely vegan and avoids animal testing. The result is a skin care range that not only shines with its pleasant textures, but also with its environmental awareness.