Helene Galwas

Fewer seasons, more styling options: The label Helene Galwas focuses on quality instead of mass production and always remains true to one credo: "Fashion is to wear and accompany life, not to throw away!"

Made in Europe Fair Handcrafted 

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Helene Galwas and Katja Popp have been friends for over 10 years. Katja has a background in the start-up sector, where she has helped many companies with their first steps. Helene has been working as a designer for many years and for a long time she earned her money by creating high-quality custom-made products in her studio in Hanover. It was only a matter of time for this duo to start a business together. They founded their joint label Helene Galwas in 2018 after a lot of research and preparation.

Helene Galwas

Helene Galwas, one of the founders of the Label

From the beginning it was clear that the company did not want to be part of the fast fashion circus. Instead of launching eight or even ten collections a year like other labels, the founders deliberately chose to launch only two capsule collections a year, making a clear statement against the fast pace of the industry.

The Capsule collections break down the boundaries between casual, business and evening looks. The label also breaks down with seasonal goods: the seasons merge here, so that the sales pressure that other brands feel strongly does not arise. The focus is on innovative cuts and versatile pieces with multifunctional styling possibilities, for example removable volants on skirts and dresses. Also, trends can be found, but always timelessly implemented.

The prototypes of the Classic Couture pieces are designed in the studio in Hanover. When it comes to the designs, it is particularly important that the customer is perfectly dressed, whether she is shopping, going to a business appointment or to a chic evening gala. The label experiments with new materials, such as vegan fabrics, and reinterprets them in a completely new way. Helene Galwas also creates every print by hand with great attention to detail.

The looks are manufactured in a factory in Poland. The high-quality fabrics are produced with selected partners from all over Europe. Everything in the collection is Made in Europe, therefore without child labour, without a guilty conscience. At Helene Galwas, you don't pay for the name, but actually for the outstanding quality!