Nobody needs countless pots and jars in the bathroom to protect skin well. The Munich-based label MUTI has developed a minimalist, highly effective unisex facial line that is perfectly clear - and contains no problematic substances.

If we are honest, we are completely overwhelmed by the massive offer in the cosmetics industry. So many products, so many ingredients, apparently so many different skin needs. The Munich label MUTI puts an end to this confusion and brings clarity into the chaos of effective care. Period.

After all, we all simply want healthy, well-hydrated skin and want to prevent avoidable skin aging and of course have a protective shield that contains no harmful substances (and nothing superfluous). That's all it's about!

That is why MUTI's philosophy is to simplify the daily care routine and to use only a few but highly effective ingredients in a clearly defined range. "In many bathrooms, there are countless cream pots and opened tubes. Do we need so many products?" MUTI clearly answers the question with "No" and has therefore decided on a six-part anti-age facial line after extensive research. Day care, night care, extra night care, eye cream, serum - everything here! Problematic ingredients such as parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and paraffin are completely avoided. Some of the ingredients are ECOCERT Certified.

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Campaign pictures from the serums and cremes.

Alexander Scholz, founder of MUTI is half-Danish. One day he gave up his job as a financial advisor, leaving his hectic everyday life behind. He found it much more meaningful to deal with "crucibles instead of charts." Together with a chemist he intensively researched this skin-friendly and sustainable unisex care series.

The clean-minimalistic design of MUTI products reflects the clear, reduced DNA of the high-quality creams and serums. To prevent confusion in the bathroom, the lids of day, eye and night creams are in different pastel shades.

Made in Europe vegan Fair