Saskia Diez fairer Schmuck

Munich jewelry designer Saskia Diez is the queen of understatement. She designs delicate and fine pieces of jewelry that are not loud or intrusive at all.

She uses only processed silver and gold from Germany, gained from old metals. In addition she combines for example preciously cut pebbles from the Isar, the river that flows through the middle of Munich.

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Narrow gold chains with freshwater pearls - or cool ear cuffs. Her pieces are precious because you take them to your heart. Not because they outshine the essence of its wearer.

"For me, beauty has a lot to do with posture. And you can discover them everywhere," Diez describes her philosophy. "To create something beautiful, you have to create connections. Looking for harmony and reality. And you need concentration."

Saskia Diez

Saskia Diez in her studio in Munich, Germany

She considers jewelry to be something decorative, but at the same time "something that protects me, keeps me company, and expresses how much I care about myself". Lyrical words that perfectly describe that a chain, an earring, a ring should always carry a good mixture of expression and closeness of character for its wearer. Another question that the designer likes to ask: "How does a piece of jewelry feel on the skin, how does it affect my inner feeling?"

In der Werkstatt von Saskia Diez

Pebbles from the Isar before being cut. Design in process.

Saskia Diez reinforces the good inner feeling: She uses processed gold and silver only from German metal sheath works and mainly natural pearls and stones from sources that can be traced back. She has great confidence n her suppliers. She has her jewelry produced exclusively locally by goldsmiths in Munich, Pforzheim, and Werne. Many workshops are just around the corner from her studio. She also employs many mothers, who are allowed to coordinate their everyday-life and work in the best possible way. "I give my employees a lot of flexibility."

Design Made by Nature

In her "Isar"-collection she has precious cut pebbles set. More graceful and cool Made by Nature is actually impossible. Design, definitely unburdened and incredibly beautiful!