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the wearness is an online store for sustainable clothing and understands itself as a counter-concept to fast fashion and mass production of cheaply manufactured clothing. Here you will find selected slow fashion from international designer brands who take responsibility and run their business with respect for people and the environment. Scroll through the wearness and discover innovative products: Whether it's fashion made of organic cotton, upcycling fashion, fair fashion made of recycled plastic or biodegradable clothing. How you keep track of them? Transparency is important to us. That's why we have created our 10 Sustainability Icons, which show you which sustainability criteria the respective product meets. Charitable, eco-friendly, fair trade, handcrafted, made in Europe, organic, recycled, vegan, female empowerment or zero waste - our carefully selected labels combine slow fashion with timeless and high-quality design. You decide what is most important to you. We reconcile fair clothing and high fashion - for a great style that is fashionable and fair at the same time. Our focus? Outstanding quality and timeless design - this is how favorite pieces are created.

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